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How to Maintain Outdoor Fireplaces

Depending on the type of outdoor fireplace you have, maintenance can be simple or complicated. By taking proper care of your fireplace, however much work it involves, you can ensure that it will remain useful and attractive for several seasons or more.

Basic Outdoor Fireplace Maintenance

All outdoor fireplaces require ash cans, brooms, and sturdy work gloves. Before performing any other maintenance, make sure the fire has completely died down, and then empty the remaining ash or wood into an ash can for disposal. Use a brush to direct the ash into the can and ensure that you get as much ash out of the fire box as possible.

At the start of each season, clean the fire box, chimney, and flue to remove any soot, creosote, or yard debris. You should also check with your local fire station to determine the amount of clearance you should maintain around the fireplace. Three feet is usually the minimum, but it may be higher in fire-prone regions.

Iron Fireplace Maintenance

Iron fireplaces are among the sturdiest of outdoor fireplaces. Some come with steel or aluminum chimneys and iron bases. If this is the case with yours, make sure replacement parts are available before you buy it because the base will last longer than the chimney. You don't want to replace the whole thing if you don't need to.

Iron resists rust, but you should apply a special high-temperature paint to the iron portions to halt rust that has developed or prevent it from developing in the first place. See the manufacturer's instructions for advice about how often you should paint the fireplace.

Iron fireplaces are difficult to move. Instead you should cover the fireplace with a specially-designed vinyl cover during the wet season.

Copper Outdoor Fireplaces

Copper will transform from its brilliant copper shade to a greenish patina with use. You can help maintain the original color by storing the fire pit in a dry place away from the elements and cleaning it after each use. You can also buy covers for copper fire pits to protect them where they stand. The iron base will also need to be maintained with high-temperature paint to prevent rust.

The fire pit can be wiped with a mild dishwashing detergent or other non-abrasive cleaner, a citrus degreaser and a nylon brush, or chimney cleaning products.

Aluminum or Steel Fireplaces

Both of these fireplaces should be covered when they're not in use to prevent rust.

Clay Chimeneas

Clay chimeneas require less maintenance if they're used properly. Before each use, inspect it for cracks and remove debris from the chimney. Do not use it if you see cracks. The heat will continue to damage it, which could create a dangerous situation if it breaks with a fire inside it. If your chimenea is in good condition, start the fire slowly to allow the clay to adapt. You should also keep it covered between uses to reduce exposure to moisture.

Brick and Stone Outdoor Fireplaces

These fireplaces should be maintained as you would an indoor fireplace. Remove ash and debris from the fire box after use and wipe ash off the hearth with a brush. A chimney cap will help keep leaves out of the chimney and arrest sparks.

Clean out the chimney with a flue brush or hire a professional chimney sweep at the start of the summer. Although stone or brick outdoor fireplaces don't need to be covered in winter, cleaning the exteriors in the spring will help maintain a more attractive appearance. Visit your home store to find products used to wash the outsides of stone or brick chimneys.

Take the time to care for your outdoor fireplace properly if you want to enjoy your season after season. It's worth it.
by: Lisa Becker

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Crown It or Chase It?

We often get asked what is the difference between a chimney crown and a chimney chase cover, and how do I know which one I have?

A chimney crown, or wash, is the mortar or concrete portion of the chimney located on the outside top of the chimney that covers and seals off the airspace between the outer brick walls of the chimney and the flue liner, and assists in shedding water away from the chimney. It can take the form of a sloped bed or a rectangular "formed & poured" shape. Standard masonry chimneys are topped by mortar crowns.

A chase cover is the top portion of the chimney that covers the chimney chase, which is the commonly used term for a wood framed chimney. A chase cover serves the same purposes on a chimney chase as the mortar crown does on a masonry chimney-- airspace sealing and water protection, but it is usually made of either galvanized sheet metal or stainless steel. Factory built, or prefabricated chimneys, are topped by chase covers rather than masonry crowns.

Both crowns and chase covers will deteriorate over time due to their open exposure to the elements, especially water. Concrete crowns will develop cracks in the concrete and metal chase covers will rust and corrode over time. Both kinds of deterioration can lead to water damage to the interior components of the chimney and fireplace. Crowns and chase covers can be repaired easily if the damage is caught early.

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What's That Chirping in My Chimney?

This time of the year, we get a lot of calls from folks pleading with us for help in removing those noisy birds that have nested in their chimneys. More often than not, these birds are Chimney Swifts.

Unfortunately for the homeowner, chimney swifts are protected by federal law and we are prohibited from removing the birds or their nests until the hatchlings have left the nest, usually by the end of August. After that we can clean the chimney to remove the nesting material (which can pose a fire hazard). Unless you want to be landlord to a family of chimney swifts in your chimney again next breeding season, I would strongly recommend installing a chimney cap as well.

For more information on chimney swifts, please read our fact sheet.

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